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About us

Fāc introduces the first face protection that utilizes an adjustable strap instead of ties or Velcro.

Fāc tm (pronounced “Face”) is the ONLY brand of face protection that uses an adjustable, gripper-elastic strap instead of Velcro or ties. For people who wear Fāc, function and style are everything.

Function: Simple, adjustable, gripper-elastic strap design allows the wearer to slip Fāc on and GO!

  • No Velcro to mess with or ties getting tied into hair.
  • Contoured nose-angle allows the wearer to pull Fāc up over the nose and tighten the elastic strap for full-face protection.
  • Fleece lining wicks away moisture while the high-quality cotton outer layer breaks the wind.

Style: We offer over 50 patterns based on the current season’s popular colors. Fāc’s mission of style and function has led to people wearing Fāc for more than outdoor sports.

Fāc is customizable for resorts/stores/teams. Embroidery of logos and names is available and resorts/stores sell these items for a premium.

Fāc is not a product your customers will find in any sporting goods store. Give your customers that one-of-a-kind feeling that makes them come back for something unique and ultimately functional.


How Fāctm was born:
There is always a story about how a product came to be...
While skiing with my family one particularly cold day during the winter of 2009-10, I decided it was HIGH time to buy some sort of face warmer before my nose fell off. Yet when I went to the ski shop, I really did not find anything that fit my style. So I went to my fabric store, found just the right fabric, added fleece and ties, and tried it out the next weekend as we skiied. 

I really did not like the ties-- I kept tying my hair into it! YUCK, OUCH, and WORTHLESS! I thought, "There has to be a better way of fastening this so I don't have to mess with it." I went back to the proverbial drawing board, and added an elastic. Little did I know how much I would love this. 

When I wore this elastic version skiing in Northern Michigan, I took off my helmet, and flipped it over to wear as a do-rag to cover my helmet hair. People were walking up to me asking where I got it!  Now I started to wake up to the fact that I might have a product.  I made a few other styles and took them to Utah with a group of people and handed them out. AGAIN, people were stopping us asking where to get them.

After a lot of research and testing (thanks to all who were my testers and gave me feedback), I realized there is nothing that utilizes an elastic strap like this on the market. Fāctm was born!  My testers used it for all sorts of cold weather activities. Not just skiing or riding. People love the style they choose, so they drop their scarves and just wear Fāctm in the winter to keep them warm. 

Small Explosion: Developing and Selling Fāctm
My first season to market was not all I thought it would be since I had a personal health set back that made me miss the entire selling season for winter accessories. Despite this, I was able to land Fāctm in the premiere ski and outdoor specialty shop in West Michigan (, plus two of the largest ski resorts in Michigan: Crystal Mountain Sports and Shanty Creek Resorts. All retailers have been very enthusiastic about the design of this product and have come back for more. And what a blast to go to the resorts this past winter and see  Fāctm  ALL OVER the slopes! People want to express their personal style!

What next?
Working to make Fāctm better and more spectacular for the 2014-15 season! Despite people loving Fāctm the way it is, there is always room for improvement! AND WE HAVE! We have added better functionality to  Fāctm as well as having a fresh batch of styles based on our current customer suggestions. Watch for our current retailers list to grow.
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